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Women`s International Football Association is an organization and international framework that works on  promoting the women practice of football in the world. It also seeks to expand the base of the game among women through practices, activities and events, and spread it on the widest scale; So that ,in the future, it will have the same amount and scale of interest that men` football enjoys.

WIFA was established by the initiative of Arab Women Institution in accordance with the  British Law and it was registered as an international non-profitable organization. Its headquarter is located in London, and its administrative and organizational works can be run from other offices in the world depending on the circumstances and conditions. WIFA includes all women football associations in the countries, the federations or the bodies, that are involved in this game. It has higher leading bodies represented in the Congress that includes all the members, in addition to the executive committee that manage and supervise the association works and projects aimed to enhance the values of the game among women around the world.

WIFA seeks to achieve the widest coordination and cooperation with FIFA and confederations as everyone seeks to achieve the same purposes that WIFA aims to in the field of women football.

The association is based on a set of high values and principles. Its mission is to spread the values of brotherhood and friendship among peoples and women in particular, to enhance the values of honest competition among players, and to develop the game according to the scientific and professional bases and the rules of the game accredited by FIFA.

Equality and non-discrimination are the essential values of the association’s methodology and practices, based on the depth of human values and the principles of justice and equality.

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