Mr. Sabah Al-Mukhtar is an international lawyer,a prominent legal adviser of important institutions and bodies, and has many societal contributions. In addition to his legal career, he is a Board Member of the Arab Women’s Foundation.

He has achieved the following milestones: –

  • A Lawyer and an international legal expert before the British courts
  • Gained a Bachelor degree of Law from Baghdad in 1968, and Masters from London in 1986
  • Worked as a legal consultant at the Iraqi National Oil Company (INOC) until 1974, andat Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) until 1979.
  • Practiced as a lawyer, and Legal consultant at his office in London for the last 38 years.
  • The President of the Arab Lawyers Association (UK) (includes 150 Arab lawyers from 14 Arab countries)
  • A Representative of the Arab Lawyers Union at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva
  • A Member of the Union of Arab, International and Democratic Lawyers, and a member oftheIraqi Bar Association, England Bar Association and American Bar Association.
  • An editor for the legal review of the annual book of Arab and Islamic law (20 parts)
  • A Member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (London),and of EnergyInstitute (EI)
  • A Member of the Bar Human Rights Committee of England, the National Movement for Civil Rights (UK)
  • ABoard Member of many institutions and companies.

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