President Speech

Throughout history, all the great projects have started with a dream.Then the dream turns into a concrete project and a truth that changes our reality, such as the emergence of this great Federation and its noble goals.

Despite its importance, women`s participation in football sport has just remained an extra luxury or ceremonial competitions Yet. we see what football game enjoys on the other side, and how men`s football receives an unprecedented attention on local and international levels.

We can only see how the whole world is preoccupied with Olympic football tournament, especially World Cup, which was recently organized with considerable success.

Meanwhile, there is almost no women`s participation in matches, refereeing or coaching. This women sport is inadvertently absent due to the preoccupation of the continental, international and local federations in men`s football; However, women have achieved significant achievements in various levels and were characterized by their excellence in science, arts and creativity. Women are a key pillar of any society; they are the creators of the generations and the givers of love and peace.

Therefore, the initiative of Arab Women`s Foundation has launched a project that is targeted to support the people around the world. More specifically, to empower women`s participation in the field of football sport. In order to have a real emergence of this sport, we should highlight the primary role of woman in our times. As we live in equality eras, and all the international conventions call for eliminating the discrimination against women, and bridging the gap among women and men. Therefore, we should work together to create vital interacting societies between men and women to bring peace, spread the values of love and tolerance, promote the fair sport competitions, and repeal violence and extremism. Toward these all these noble values, I invite all the actors involved in this field: the international, continental and local Federations, sport clubs, associations and organizations, that are interested in developing the capacity of women, to interact positively interact on with the goals and objectives of the Women`s International Football Association (WIFA). Let us work together, men and women, to encourage the dissemination of this sport and increase its popularity among women and girls around the world. Who are not less than men in ambition, ability or talent they just need to receive encouragement and support; and then we will see a world that is full of peace and sports. And we will witness the artistic and creative works of female football players in the international tournaments.

Once again, I would like express my warm thanks and appreciation to all sport figures working in sport fields, whether they are the local, regional or activists in the international filed and women sport for their encouragement, motivation, and support. Finally, I am optimistically looking forward to seeing Women Nations Cup soon together.

Mohammed Aldulaimi

WIFA President


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