DUBAI, November 5, 2022 – The International Women’s Football Association (WIFA) has organized a reception in Dubai in honor of Her Majesty Queen NanaSipau’u, Queen of the Kingdom of Tonga, and in the presence of His Majesty King Tupou VI, King of the Kingdom of Tonga, a number of members of the diplomatic figures and sports leaders, during which Mohammed Al-Dulaimi, President of the WIFA Federation, and Noura Al-Haqbani from the Secretariat General of the Union, have honored Her Majesty Queen ‘u, Queen of the Kingdom of Tonga, with the sash of the Lieutenant General of WIFA and handing over the Union flag. Dima Al-Sayeh, the official spokeswoman for Wifa, has given a speech in which she expressed the meaning of this honor for a queen who dedicated herself to work to raise the status of women’s football and make it more interesting to the extent that it equals the amount of interest and excitement in football among men. Her Majesty Queen NanaSibau’u, Queen of the Kingdom of Tonga, delivered a speech expressing her great thanks and appreciation to WIFA for this nomination, which will bear her historical responsibility in advancing the reality of women’s football in the world. The Queen has added that she is eagerly looking forward to attending the opening of the WIFA Friendship Championship in Romania next year and participating in the WIFA celebration on the occasion of declaring Bucharest the capital of women’s football in the world.


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