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Mais Mohamed, Assistant President of WIFA, said in a televised statement today that was distributed to the media, that the launch of WIFA sports initiatives, projects and programs represents an achievement and the fruit of the efforts made during the previous years.

She added that the first event will be held next September in Bucharest, which is the WIFA Friendship Championship sponsored by the President of the Republic of Romania, and seven women's teams from seven countries, namely Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey and the Kingdom of Tonga, will participate in it.

Mais Mohamed confirmed that next year will also witness the WIFA Friendship Championship for the Pacific Countries in the capital of Tonga, under the generous patronage of Queen Nana Sibao, Queen of the Kingdom of Tonga, Honorary President of the WIFA Federation.

The assistant to the WIFA President concluded that work is underway in cooperation with the Romanian Football Federation to complete preparations for the launch of WIFA Football Academy in Bucharest.