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WIFA ConstitutIon

Constitution: It is the highest and the most important legal document adopted by WIFA. The articles of the Constitution promote  WIFA`s supreme values of fair sports competition, integrity, rejecting intolerance and discrimination on account of race, religion or color. The Constitution determines WIFA`s objectives of working on disseminating and expanding  the scope of women’s football all over the world, organizing international and continental competitions for promoting human interaction and enhancing love and acquaintance among female players from various countries of the world.

To achieve its objectives, the Constitution works on:

  • Complying with the Laws and practice of the Game in accordance with the rules and regulations adopted by WIFA.
  • Developing the game practice arts and supporting the abilities and the capabilities of female players and sports teams.
  • Safeguarding the integrity of the game  against  abuses and violations by any other party and ensuring  justice, equity and fair refereeing among sports teams.

Note: The whole Constitution articles can be found in the attached file below